NEW: Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem - "Romans Revenge"

I hate it when musicians/artists create alter ego's for themselves. Sasha Fierce, SLim Shady, Sir Lucious Left Foot, etc. Nicki Minaj has a slew of them. Roman Zolanski is one of these egos of Minaj. Roman has apparent;y shown his face before in her features on "Bottoms Up" and "Monster." These happen to be my favorite Minaj Features, and thus, I bring to you the best song i've heard from her upcoming LP, Pink Friday. Production credits go to Swizz Beats, btu you know, He's really not my favorite. Oh and Eminem fits perfectly on here. Otherwise Eminem is "whatever" to me.



A lot of things have happened this month for 2NIPS. I made an official layout(however simple and nippley it may be), just reached 1,000 visitors, some songs have been taken down due to copyright infringement(atleast the internet police know i'm around!)... OH! and I got rejected from the Hype Machine hahaha. boo hoo

This blog began for me like my tumblr began. At the time I didn't have a computer, so I would use the internet as my hard drive. My tumblr has all my favorite pictures, and this blog has all my favorite songs. I've always been one to want the newest songs available. I just recently bought a computer, which has resulted in much more frequent updates.

Even though this blog was created for me, feel free to request songs you cant find, request more from an artist, or even give suggestions!

thanks for coming everyone


NEW: Kanye "Lost In The World" & "All Of The Lights"

Here are the final versions of two previously leaked track set to appear on Kanye's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. what a tacky name. yikes.

NEW: Guci Mane - Block Party(Ft. Alley Boy)

If your scared, go to church

NEW: Ke$ha - Sleazy

the second cong to surface from Ke$ha's sophmore album EP(a companion to debut album animal), Cannibal, this song was released on Australia's iTunes and is probably the least dancy song i've ever heard from her. It was produced by Bangladesh("Diva" - "A Milli" - "Bossy" - "Lemonade"), who always makes his presence shown. Anyway it's a good song - take a listen.


NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj & Will.I.am - "Check It Out"

NEW: Jamie Foxx - Living Better Now (ft. Rick Ross)

New single from Jamie Foxx, produced by Bink!. Songs alright, like the drums at the start of the chorus or hook. Bink! uses a sample from Notorious B.I.G.'s "Big Poppa." Rick Ross still hasn't impressed me, its so easy to ignore that he's even on this record.

this single is supposed to be included on the singers next project, Body, which doesn't seem to have a release date set

NEW: Flo Rida - Who That Girl (ft. Claude Kelly)

Dr. Luke returns once again to produce/regurgitate a new Flo Rida track.
What to expect:
- confusion
- wait, is this a remix of California Gurls?
- no, it's just sooooooo generic pop
- who's Claude Kelly
- i don't care


Goodies: Ciara ft. R. Kelly - Next To You

Ciara - Next to You(ft R. Kelly)

NEW: Kanye West- Dark Fantasy

the opneing track from the new Kanye West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, just popped up on the internet. Take a listen below

VIDEO: Space Cowboy - My Egyptian Lover (Ft. Nadia Oh)

Super Softy Music

1 real smooth, dumb, poppy song, and one remix of a real smooth song.

NEW: Nicki Minaj - Blow Your Mind

So fucking good. I wish she would release one of these songs where she actually raps rather than those softy singles she's put out. I guess she want to win over a larger crowd. But this so so good(What a great chorus!) Its way too short though. So, i guess this is just for DJ Haze’s mixtape Still Countin’ Money 3. Still, though, good song. read more to download a tagged mp3'


NEW Ciara- Turn It Up (ft. Ciara)-UPDATE-

I'm sorry ur tracks keep leaking Ciara, but if they're out there i will certianly listen to them. Don't worry though, you are one of the few artists i will support wit ha purchase of their album.

"Turn It Up(ft. Usher)" is a fun dance song produced by T-Minus. Its not as hard as her previously leaked/released songs from Basic Instinct, but you have to have a little variety so it doesn't become a redundant dud. This song sounds unfinished, can't wait for the CDQ. Read more to download the mp3...

Update-- download the mastered version as well

NEW B.E.P - The Time(The Dirty Bit)

The First Single from The Black Eyed Peas new album, The Beginning. Not saying i love this track, Fergie kinda kills it for me(atleast her singing). She needs the vocal editing(i.e. Will's production) to make her voice interesting. Will.I.Am, even though he might be a pretentious A-Hole, he makes some good music... and who cares about the other members? not me.  **read more to download the mp3

NEW VIDEO: Chris Brown - Yeah 3X

David Guetta produced single from Chris Brown's upcoming fourth studio album, F.A.M.E(Forgiving All My Enemies). Not my favorite song ever, but the video is nice. It was filmedo n the famous Paramount lot, and Chris Brown goes berserk dancing all over it.


The mystery Nicki Minaj Verse is SOLVED

I first heard this mystery verse this past summer when my girlfriend and her roommate were blasting Cheif Stockton - Barbie Girl (ft. Nicki Minaj) nonstop! Something about it was off, Nicki Minaj's verse didn't fit at all, and what he said was just stupid. At the end of his song he says, ".. and i debate, whether Nicki Minaj's verse is real or is it fake." That being said, i really would like a really good song to come out of this sample.


New Video: Gucci Mane Ft. Ray J - Remember When

more picture of that awesome ice cream cone chain, the video, and an mp3 below. Produced by Pollow Da Don and one of my favorites from his new album.


New G.O.O.D Friday music

thank god Kanye finally decided to have Keri Hilson feature on one of his G.O.O.D. Friday songs. Her part is the peak of this song, too bad its so short though. Download "Take one for the Team" (featuring Keri Hilson, Pusha T, and Cyhi the Prince) after the B.R.E.A.K.

NEW Keyshia Cole ft. Nicki Minaj

Keyshia Cole - I Ain't Thru(ft. Nicki Minaj)


NEW Ke$ha - We R Who We R

Ke$ha has a new album scheduled called Cannibal.... get it?
I can only guess this song is going to be present on that album as well as everywhere in my life.

new Rihanna ft. Drake

wish this song was a little more out-the-box. sorta like this picture of Rihanna from Vogue Italia. But Ester Dean wrote it, so how could it not be some sort of good? Rihanna has already filmed a video 4 this song without drake. I guess the addition of drake makes it a remix? download after the break.


mp3: Gimme Dat video Edit

for those of you who, like me, really liked the version of Gimme Dat that was released with the new video, I just ripped it into an mp3 for your downloading pleasure. read more...

New Lady Gaga

Some Legit new Lady Gaga


La Roux & Kanye West

It seems like more and more me and Kanye are on the same wavelength:
-Runaway was my favorite Justin Beiber song and was on constant play this past spring.
-Keri Hilson is one of my favorite female artists
-and now La Roux

click read more to download In for the Kill remix featuring Kanye.


New Nelly

It make so much sense that Dr. Luke & Bangladesh produced this song. IT'S CATCHY, FUN, and Dancey!!!!!!!!

Nelly - Move That Body(Ft. T-Pain & Akon)


Oh god! Far East Movement... Featuring Keri Hilson?
I'm torn. Far East Movement have 1 decent song, but Keri Hilson could turn any song around. I don't know how to feel, but i'm leaning more towards dont like cause she's so small in the song.

Far East Movement - Don't Look Down(ft. Keri Hilson)

New Keri Hilson!

New Song from Keri Hilson. She Continues to impress me. Production by Ne-Yo and Chuck Harmony(who really hasn't produced anything else worthy of being written about).  It's been said that there's a sample of My Boo by Ghost Town DJ's. I'll let you decide.
"My Boo" video and Pretty Girl Rock mp3 after the break.

New Rye Rye!

New Rye Rye. Sunshine is the second single from her upcoming album, Go! Pop! Bang!. And honestly this song is underwhelming... not dancey at all. I guess i'll have to wait for the release date to get some classic Rye Rye. Also, I hope this is the last song with M.I.A on the hook, cause it doesn't sound good.

Rye Rye - Sunshine (Ft. M.I.A.)

Ciara Update!

1st: A new remix by ciara... I wonder if Ciara is going to compile all these remixes into a mixtape like she said? i guess it wont matter if i have them all anyway

Ciara - Deuces (Chris Brown Remix)

2nd: A new official leak, and one of my favorites so far. My expectations keep rising for this album. And soon the release date will be revealed.

Ciara - Shut Um Up