NEW Ciara- Turn It Up (ft. Ciara)-UPDATE-

I'm sorry ur tracks keep leaking Ciara, but if they're out there i will certianly listen to them. Don't worry though, you are one of the few artists i will support wit ha purchase of their album.

"Turn It Up(ft. Usher)" is a fun dance song produced by T-Minus. Its not as hard as her previously leaked/released songs from Basic Instinct, but you have to have a little variety so it doesn't become a redundant dud. This song sounds unfinished, can't wait for the CDQ. Read more to download the mp3...

Update-- download the mastered version as well

Ciara- Turn It Up (ft. Usher)--unfinished--
Ciara - Turn it up (ft. Usher)MASTERED

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