When I heard Kanye worked with Bon Iver in Hawaii, I didn't realize that meant he just sampled the shit out of his best song. I guess that's a fool-proof way of making a good osng, right? Kanye's latest G.O.O.D. Friday offerings haven't quite bitten me, so Lost in the World will be accepted from me... except for that weird speach at the end.

Kanye West- Lost in the World(tags)
Bon Iver - Woods


Australian singer Jessical Mauboy just showed up with Get Em Girls(ft. Snoop Dog). Last year Muffy(pictured above) debuted her own version with Gucci featuring. I was definitely a fan last fall-winter. I guess Jessica Mauboy Won right to the song as she's already shot a video for it in LA.

Which version do you like better? Personally, I like Gucci's style better than Snoops.

Muffy - Get Em Girls(ft. Gucci Mane)
Jessica Mauboy - Get Em Girls(ft. Snoop Dogg)


Jeremih's second album is released in less than a week. here's a 2song mash. I'm guessing it's written by The-Dream as his biggest hit, Birthday Sex, was, and it has plenty of The-Dream signatures. Waiter is good. The 5 senses is pointless. too bad their packagesi n the same .mp3

Jeremih- Waiter/The 5 Senses

Last interview i heard before "Check it Out" leaked, Nicki was talking about this song, "Right Through Me," being the next single. I guess sinse "Check it Out" is credited to Nicki and Will.I.Am, this will be her technical next solo single.

Nicki Minaj - Right Through Me
Just got around to listening to The Count and Sinded's Mega Mega Mega. it's not too good. 2 tracks are good: one features Rye Rye, the other Katy B. Its a little weird when producers make albums and just get other artists to do vocals.

The Count and Sinden - Hardcore Girls(Ft. Rye Rye)
The Count and Sinde, - Hold Me(Ft. Katy B)


A few songs i've really been enjoying compiled into one post. A compost if you will...

Trey Songs- Love Me Better
There's a kind of sappy R&B song that is gross as hell(i.e. R. Kelly's self motivation), and then there's something like this song that's 100% more interesting.

Gucci Mane - Late(ft. Yo Gotti & Sean Garrett)
There's a certain criteria in which i judge a Gucci song, and one of them is not maturity. "I'm sweeter than a moon cake." sounds good.

Bobby Brackins - I'm Ready(ft. Mac Griffin)
Yo WTF? Bobby Brackin's bringin it every time?! Granted I've only heard this song and 143(ft. Ray Jay). Mr. Brackins isn't an exceptional rapper, but the hooks, and production are so good. The trumpets are ON POINT!

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair
This kid is taking all the cues and running. Well, taking into account that this song is certainly the product of a good producer and lots of money(aka daddy Will Smith and mommy Jada), but this girl has a great voice and such a nice manner.

Rye Rye - Witch Doctor
Speaking of young women, Rye Rye is getting well known for getting signed by M.I.A. on her N.E.E.T. Label, and having an infectious, uptempo, and unique style. Also, i love the idea of a hip hop song that is anti-weed, and tricks you until you replay the words in your head.

Kanye West - Good Friday(Ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cuddi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson
Kanye West - Runaway(ft. Pusha T)
 Somehow Kanye is infusing his glamorous lifestyle into his music in a way that sounds completely genuine. I've got lost of respect.


2 catchy Sean Kingston songs with very familiar samples.

Sean Kingston - Dumb Love
Sean Kingston - She Moves

This is not a good song for Keri. It's sappy and really generic. But i really like Keri and her voice so I'm gonna post this

Keri Hilson - Still A Girl
Sun hit chain, watch and make a solar glare
We gettin money over here hands in the air
Ya’ll making it too easy, it’s not fair

Soulja Boy - Speakers Going Hammer

Uh... well... i guess i like Jesse McCartney? Here's a new song called "Shake," and it's easy and very radio friendly. I know Th-Dream has worked with McCartney before and this sounds like a possible Dream track. Who knows though.

Jesse McCartney - Shake


Usually i don't enjoy Ne-Yo, but this video has charm, and this song is not bad either. Although the song and the video owe a tremendous amount to MJ... the dance moves are new(to me) I am envious. I would love to dance like that for my girlfriend.

Ne-Yo - One In A Million


Shanell...you know, the "Impossible" singer got her young money label-mate, Nicki Minaj to lend a hand to her new single, "Cupid's Got a Gun." This girl seems dumb as hell from the interviews I've watched of her speaking about lil Wayne and Young Money, but this song's good enough. I', warming up to her.

Shannel - Cupid's Got a Gun(ft. Nicki Minaj)


I'm not going to pretend that i didn't hear about Mindless Behavior this morning from Keri Hilson's Twitter.

"OMG @MINDLESSBHAVIOR!! Met u guys @ Interscope Party & knew u were some lil stars!! "My Girl" vid confirms it! I'll b workin on ideas 4 ya!"

I had no idea who or what Mindless Behavior was, so i googled, and i received a song that Ray J could only dream of. (infact they borrowed some 143 lyrics from the Bobby Brackins song in which he is featured. So after searching for about 20 minutes, i couldn't find any mp3's at all, so i ripped the video for meantime. Watch the video and download below

Mindless Behaivior - My Girl(Video Rip)


New Kanye West, "Devil In A New Dress."
Kanye's making plans to release a new song every "G.O.O.D. Friday" until christmas. Last Week it was the humongous collaboration song for Kanye and Jay-Z's upcoming EP, Watch the Throne, featuring Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver called "Monster." Both are good songs, but i do prefer "Monster" for the fast paced verses, and of course Nicki's part is some of the best i've heard from her. On the other hand, that sample in Devil in a New Dress is so good, but I'm sure once i figure out what the original song is, I'll drop this Kanye song.

Kanye West- Devil In A New Dress
Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver - Monster
Ciara has certianly been dominating this blog since it's revamp a few days ago.  1 ciara post for every day this blog has been alive. I told myself that I wouldn't blog anything that i didn't personally like, and my vision is pretty narrow until this album drops. I guess only time will tell if this trend extends beyond the three days of 2NIPS existence. Here is it, a new and exciting Ciara post:

Today Jive Records issued a press release for Ciara's many times delayed fourth studio album, Basic Instinct. The press release abviously has nothing but good things to say about her album, and introduces numerous new track titles. Excitement is rising.

Ciara’s instincts ring true time and time again throughout the dynamic collection, which features her as an assertive, visionary woman whose life experiences have taught her to trust herself and her decision-making process. The up-tempo “Girls Get Your Money” for instance, stands as the next girls’ anthem, as CiCi salutes women who go hard for their success, something she continues doing. She then shifts gears on the sultry yet charming “You Can Get It,” where the chanteuse takes a phrase typically associated with men and makes it her own.

“I remember playing that song in a meeting and a lot of the girls were laughing, like, ‘Uh huh,’ and the guys were saying the same thing,” Ciara recalls with a laugh. “The guys were like, ‘Yeah. We know what you’re talking about.’ I want to make a record for my girls, but what I’ve felt over the years is that when I do a record like ‘Oh’ or even ‘Promise,’ those records represent for my girls, but the guys like to hear it and hear their girls saying those things or doing the moves.”

Guys will certainly like the moves described in “Turn it Up (Heavy Rotation).” On this energetic, bass-heavy tune, Ciara imaginatively describes turning her man’s bed into a dancefloor during a secret rendezvous. There’s a definite sense of excitement, but Ciara also injects an air of innocence into the song. After all, she does want the door closed.

Ciara then delves deeper into relationships on the heartfelt “Speechless.” On this duet with The Dream, Ciara clamors for more time with her man while celebrating the feelings she has for him. More than material love, Ciara seeks the type of relationship where commitment is more than financial. “I look forward to a person taking time to hear me out,” she explains. “Spending time with me means more than anything. A bag is cool. It lasts for the moment. A shoe is cool. It lasts for the moment. But, if you spend time and you actually take a moment to hear what I say or get involved and support me, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Of course, any relationship can have shortcomings. Ciara slows things down on the guitar-propelled “Flaws,” which details both her man’s deficiencies and Ciara’s steadfast willingness to stand by her mate despite them. It’s this type of confidence that also makes “What He Wants For Dinner” so compelling. On this reggae-tinged cut, Ciara sings about how she isn’t worried about other women trying to lure her man because she’s sure they cannot compare to her.

Ciara’s assuredness also manifests itself on “Gimme Dat,” a thick, uptempo tune that triumphantly announces her return to the music game, and on the album’s sultry first single “Ride.” Comparing herself to a gymnast on the latter, it’s no surprise that the cut’s video features her unparalleled, lithe dance moves and flawlessly toned physique. (Maybe that’s why the “Ride” video has more than 10 million YouTube views.)
Best song from Dominique Young Uniques mixtape, Domination.

Dominique Young Unique - Can't Touch Me
This morning, Ciara decided to get mysterious with this tweet.

"Hey my sweet fans! A Really exciting taping happens today, yay! I'm excited! Can u guess what its for?"

What could it be? Maybe music videos for Speachless and Gimme Dat? Check out my megapost on what's new with Ciara HERE


I guess it's official: Nicki Minaj just confirmed "Check It Out(ft. Will.I.Am)" as the new single and released the album artwork(a disappointment to be honest with you) on her twitter a literal second ago.

" NICKIMINAJ RT @_ScottPilgrim: Will.I.AM and @NickiMinaj - Check It Out single cover!!! Cool beans ;-) http://twitpic.com/2kn4nu"

My feelings on this song are not concrete yet but i have a generally positive feeling about it. her rap verse seems a little tacked on and out of place but i do love that sample.

Nicki Minaj - Check It Out(ft. Will.I.Am)
When I'm not getting crazy over The-Dream related projects, I'm focusing on a few other favorites, one of those being Keri Hilson. She's so cool. My interests were instantly piqued when I heard her vocal styling & harmonies(slow dance anyone?). Actually I heard that song soon after I became enamored with the harmonies on the Dirty Projectors "Stillness is the Move". the harmonies sounded so similar. I wanted more, and Keri fed me exactly what I was craving. Once i started my research and realized she has written some of my favorite pop songs it was all over.

After exhausting her debut album, In a Perfect World, I am restlessly waiting for her follow-up, No Boys Allowed, luckily she has debuted her first single, Breaking point. I'm not a big fan of
Timbaland, but Keri compliments his production seamlessly enough to call his work with her an exception. Great vocal control, great harmonies, great beat. The video is supposed to be filmed in early September, that means now. hopefully it will be awesome and gain some deserved recognition for this song. It's maybe not the dancey-hype song people expect for the first single, but it's definitely no "Russian Roulette."

Oh, and I really dig her look in this photo shoot, those contacts and eye makeup are awesome!

Keri Hilson - Breaking Point
New unreleased track from Gucci Mane featuring the SHBH favorite The-Dream. the Steel drums in the production are awesome.
Gucci Mane - Hoes (ft. The-Dream)
Ciara is readying her new album, basic instincts. She has been working with The Dream and his longtime collaborator, Tricky Stewart  as executive producers for her album.There have been a lot of leaks most of which early on were demos, but i'm not posting the one's that suck. Also i'm not posting Ride cause it has a video and is a little old at this point. Gimme Dat and Speachless(ft. The Dream) are being pushed as dual-singles, and Ciara is set to be shooting both videos in the next few weeks.

so here are my favorites:
Gimme Dat
Speachless(ft. the Dream)
Get It Girl
One More Dance

+Bonus+ remixes supposedly from her Basic Instinct Mixtape
Hard In Da Paint
Pretty Girl Swag
Loose My Mind