When I'm not getting crazy over The-Dream related projects, I'm focusing on a few other favorites, one of those being Keri Hilson. She's so cool. My interests were instantly piqued when I heard her vocal styling & harmonies(slow dance anyone?). Actually I heard that song soon after I became enamored with the harmonies on the Dirty Projectors "Stillness is the Move". the harmonies sounded so similar. I wanted more, and Keri fed me exactly what I was craving. Once i started my research and realized she has written some of my favorite pop songs it was all over.

After exhausting her debut album, In a Perfect World, I am restlessly waiting for her follow-up, No Boys Allowed, luckily she has debuted her first single, Breaking point. I'm not a big fan of
Timbaland, but Keri compliments his production seamlessly enough to call his work with her an exception. Great vocal control, great harmonies, great beat. The video is supposed to be filmed in early September, that means now. hopefully it will be awesome and gain some deserved recognition for this song. It's maybe not the dancey-hype song people expect for the first single, but it's definitely no "Russian Roulette."

Oh, and I really dig her look in this photo shoot, those contacts and eye makeup are awesome!

Keri Hilson - Breaking Point

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