A few songs i've really been enjoying compiled into one post. A compost if you will...

Trey Songs- Love Me Better
There's a kind of sappy R&B song that is gross as hell(i.e. R. Kelly's self motivation), and then there's something like this song that's 100% more interesting.

Gucci Mane - Late(ft. Yo Gotti & Sean Garrett)
There's a certain criteria in which i judge a Gucci song, and one of them is not maturity. "I'm sweeter than a moon cake." sounds good.

Bobby Brackins - I'm Ready(ft. Mac Griffin)
Yo WTF? Bobby Brackin's bringin it every time?! Granted I've only heard this song and 143(ft. Ray Jay). Mr. Brackins isn't an exceptional rapper, but the hooks, and production are so good. The trumpets are ON POINT!

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair
This kid is taking all the cues and running. Well, taking into account that this song is certainly the product of a good producer and lots of money(aka daddy Will Smith and mommy Jada), but this girl has a great voice and such a nice manner.

Rye Rye - Witch Doctor
Speaking of young women, Rye Rye is getting well known for getting signed by M.I.A. on her N.E.E.T. Label, and having an infectious, uptempo, and unique style. Also, i love the idea of a hip hop song that is anti-weed, and tricks you until you replay the words in your head.

Kanye West - Good Friday(Ft. Common, Pusha T, Kid Cuddi, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson
Kanye West - Runaway(ft. Pusha T)
 Somehow Kanye is infusing his glamorous lifestyle into his music in a way that sounds completely genuine. I've got lost of respect.

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