A lot of things have happened this month for 2NIPS. I made an official layout(however simple and nippley it may be), just reached 1,000 visitors, some songs have been taken down due to copyright infringement(atleast the internet police know i'm around!)... OH! and I got rejected from the Hype Machine hahaha. boo hoo

This blog began for me like my tumblr began. At the time I didn't have a computer, so I would use the internet as my hard drive. My tumblr has all my favorite pictures, and this blog has all my favorite songs. I've always been one to want the newest songs available. I just recently bought a computer, which has resulted in much more frequent updates.

Even though this blog was created for me, feel free to request songs you cant find, request more from an artist, or even give suggestions!

thanks for coming everyone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all these songs.. I've recently just found your blog and I love what you do, and appreciate it alot. I understand you took down Kanye West's finalized versions of "All of the lights" and "Lost in the World", but I'm a huge Kanye fan, and I can't find the songs anywhere. Do you think you can send me them via email?

@ ihydavie@aim.com


⠌⠕⠋⠁⠓ ⠍⠁⠒⠙ said...

sure! expect on soon from twonips@gmail