Rihanna + Enya

We all, or most of us, know that Rihanna's latest ablum, Loud, has leaked. Now its time for me to single out my favorites and replay them over and over, as well as share them(until the links are taken down). To be honest there are only 3 songs i like from this album, and i've posted most of them already. If you missed them(the posts were taken down due to copyright infringement) you can leave a comment and i'll repost them. So here's one i haven't posted.

PS: I can't believe how many songs Ester Dean wrote or co-wrote on this album. 4. S&M, What's My Name, Fading, Complicated. Ester Dean's getting the money and she's talented.

"Fading" is one of the gems on Loud, where Rihanna doesn't conform to any genre.. its not particularly danceable, it's not a slow-burning heart-breaker, its not her Rastafarian Barbados throwback song, and it's definitely not a track basting her kinky sexuality. Maybe this comes from the help of a sampled Enya, or producer Pollow da Don, or writer Ester Dean.

take a listen to the Rihanna track and the sampled Enya track as well:
Rihanna - Fading(usershare)
Enya - One By One(usershare)

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