Lil Kim lookin like a Baby

     I did not grow up with Lil Kim, I have only recently looked up and listened to her carrer. I had virtually no knowledge except for the time when she crossed over and landed herself in songs that almost everyone knew(Lady Marmalade and Cant Hold Us Down), and for her fashion and surgery. Kim has had a very respected career with loyal fans and close contacts within the music business. One thing i have noticed is that Lil Kim has basically stopped making music after her jail sentence, and the few things she has put out haven't been up to par. So what the hell is she doing? She's been surrounding herself with negativity and immaturity to the tune of Nicki Minaj disses. I've been keeping up with this so called "feud" between her and Nicki Minaj and I've got a lot of opinions.(plus 2 mp3's)

     So after Nicki released Romans Revenge, and sat down with Hot 97's VIP lounge for an interview, people were listening. This song and the interview were the first time Nicki had opening discussed Kim's accusations. Apparently Kim was the one who was the most interested. A few days ago she released her response to Romans Revenge appropriately called, "Black Friday." Not that this song is bad, but her energy could have been spend on making something that will be listened to and appreciated in a few years even when this "feud" is over. Maybe even spending energy on making an album. That being said Black Friday has nothing beyond Minaj disses, but Nicki made a real song. Like comparing making pasta at your brothers house to eating at that Olive Garden in Times Square hahaha.

    There is positive to come from this "feud" though: Press on both ends, especially needed for Lil Kim who has been leaching off Nicki's name for press. And for the fans, Romans Revenge and Black Friday are some of the best female MC tracks to come out in a long time. Lil Kim fans are ecstatic about new (Good) material, and Kim fans just get even better material.

Nicki Minaj - Romans Revenge
Lil Kim - Black Friday (Nicki Minaj Diss)

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